Saturday, October 25, 2008


Please stop the illegitimate breeding of dogs. Husky-Retrievers, Maltese-Russell Terriers, and Shiht-Poos. It's not funny. Yes, Richie is a mixed-mutt too, and he is lucky to have found an owner. What about those that no one wants?

Let's also not forget those pedigrees that are bought and bred just for the sake of breeding. I know people that end up abandoning their pet dogs just because he/she is unable to breed. They look at purchasing a dog as a form of investment, and when they realize that their 'bonds' are unable to make them money, they sell it, give it away, or sometimes, sadly, leave it somewhere and not bother with it again. Then, these owners reprimand themselves for having "wasted money".

Wasted Money. What about the dog? What has the dog invested in you? And what has he/she lost? Everything.

Please, before you think of buying a dog, go to SPCA and look at the number of dogs there are there. Go to ASD. Go to NANAS. Please educate yourself on responsible pet ownership before you make your decision. Because to you, he's just a dog. But to him, you're everything.

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