Saturday, August 23, 2008

Guy On My Bike

Yesterday, when I came out of the elevator and headed towards my bike, I was mildly surprised that there was someone on it. Mildly because I have heard from this uncle, who parks his bike next to mine, that this guy has been sleeping on my bike.

So, I walk over and I say "excuse me".

This guy is really sleeping because he doesn't answer.

"Excuse me."

Still no answer.

So I knock on the helmet box (he's using this as a pillow) and I say with my mooost AhLian voice, "Eskew Me ah, Uncle!"

And he wakes up and looks at me with this "what-do-you-want, can't-a-man-get-some-rest-on-his-own-bike?" face.

"This one my bike, you know!"

He jumps off immediately. "No la, no la. I help you look after. See? Clean one, I never dirty your bike."

"Uncle. You were resting your legs on my Handlebar. Handlebars are for Hands." If it was a footrest, they wouldn't call it a handlebar. A footrest, maybe.

And he kept saying, "no la! I never put my leg there la. I help you look after! You see, I sit here, then nobody come and touch your bike."

It was amazing how he could Outrightly DENY using my bike as a bed, DENY using my helmet box as a pillow, and DENY using my Handlebar as a Footrest.

Y'know, in all honesty, I wasn't angry until he started denying. Does he think I'm blind? Or stupid? Or what? I stood there for at least 2 minutes trying to get him up from his beauty sleep. And here he is, denying everything I saw with my own eyes! LYING! That's the word. LYING.

I wanted to tell him to shut up, but things don't work that way. So I told him in my sweetest voice, "uncle, I know you're tired, and you need a place to rest. You can sit on my bike. I give you the permission to sit on my bike. But Don't Put Your Legs On My Handlebar. Ok?"

I saw the guilt rush down his face. Then he dropped his head, and went to the next bike and continued to sleep.

Some people just don't change.

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