Saturday, August 2, 2008

Flea Market advice, anyone?

So far, the caps have gotten a pretty good response, and I was thinking of investing a bit, and getting a stall at the upcoming Flea.Fly.Flo.Fun Flea Market. (You have no idea how difficult it was to type out that sentence, considering my spoilt 'f'.)

So, advice? Do people actually go to flea markets? I would, but I wouldn't count on myself to make a decision normal people make.

Secondly, what is the highest price you'd pay for an item at the flea market? Y'know flea markets seem to be a bargain-hunters kinda place. But I don't know, times may have changed.

Thirdly, do people ever randomly visit Circular Road??


Les said...

i can try to help organize a flea market slot at House for you if you want. most likely dont have to pay

Dan & Lili said...

Or you can always check out Post Museum's (Rowell Road) flea market schedule. Their rent is reasonably cheap.

I just randomly walked through circular road 2 nights ago haha.

Anonymous said...

hey my dearie cousin

yes yes, anor blog fan of urs here. :D

u can check mine out at

HAHAH, and in response to ur post abt flea markets, i actually wanted to start up one too n i've been getting loads of emails on the ones in sentosa, but am too lazy to actually get it done (or rather it's the case of "I just have no time". :(

In response to ur last post...hmm, u can PAY ME TO DO UR HOME WORK becoz' thats what i specialise in. Bwaahah.. and why the hell are u taking an English course when urs is perfectlyimperfect. =P (pun intended obviously)

p.s. u still in beijing?

Love, DEBbs...