Monday, July 21, 2008

Yay! Relax Day!

Yay! Today is officially "Nowhere-to-rush-to" Day! Which means I get to stay home and spend time with my darling Richie.

I just took him out for a run and he refused to make poo! Normally, he gets to the point, like run down, pee, poo, and then go back home. (Yea, he's a homely dog.) But I think his digestive system is on strike today. No Poo.

Then he got back, had his bath, and got rewarded with my leftover yoghurt. (No la, not the kind which I eat halfway, can't finish, and then leave it overnight. I usually let him lick the cup when I finish.)

And that's him enjoying the scenery...

Obviously, I need a better camera phone. I'll try to put better pictures up next time, promise. =)

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