Sunday, July 27, 2008

Adventures with Captain SMRT!

For those of you who happened to be ChoaChuKang Bus Interchange yesterday, you would have gotten to see the "Let's Be Courteous! (But only on SMRT Trains, Buses and Taxis)" roadshow.

Yea, only on public transport, but hey, better than nothing right? I think it's high time Singaporeans start behaving like civil citizens anyway. Maybe they should unleash Mr Singalion again! (That's what he's called right? The smiley lion. So cute la)

Anyhoos, no lion yesterday. It was Cap'n Smart! Get a load of his BOOBS! I Want!

Yes, and that's me.

Wanna be educated on how to "play your part in ensuring a safe and pleasant journey for all"? Check us out at our next roadshow, 15th August, 4pm & 6pm, Jurong Interchange! (Yes, Jurong. The places we travel to for the sake of our art. tsktsktsk.)

It was a busy weekend, I wish I could post everything about it up right now, but I've got to walk Richie. So I'm off now, but please do check out my shoppe, I've got great new stuff up there. Tell your friends, tell everyone! Lots and lots of Trucker Caps! Good ones, with wonderful designs! Trust me. *wink*

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